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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

EnviroMed Everest NASA Technology Air Scrubber Recommended By So Cal Gas For Porter Ranch Natural Gas Leak Victims

Porter Ranch, California residents have been exposed to a constant natural gas leak since October 2015.  Southern California Gas has been relocating residents and recommending new NASA air scrubbing systems (Our NASA ActivePure Technology).  Our EnviroMed Everest has two NASA Inspired ActivePure cells for twice the performance of induct systems and they are portable, quiet, small and only $799!  Our air scrubber is scientifically proven to eliminate chemicals, gasses, odors, germs, virus and bacteria with safe hydrogen peroxide molecules. 

EnviroMed Everest provides peace of mind protection for people and pets as endorsed by Southern California Gas vs. hundreds of inferior HEPA and other filters not designed for anything other than particulate.


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